Sexual Health


Sexual Health includes more than just a discussion of sex. It is individual and changes based on knowledge, beliefs, culture, and personal history.

Support in this area could include:

  • Assisting you in effectively discussing sexual health with your child 
  • Helping families understand important topics in sexual health and when they should be taught to your child
  • Addressing inappropriate sexual behaviours
  • Providing appropriate, individualized sexual health education to those with autism and other unique learning needs
  • There is no age limit to accessing these services



Early Intervention

– Age 6)

  • Assessment of current skills and abilities 

  • Development of a comprehensive intervention plan to build skills in the areas of communication, play, social skills, imitation, activities of daily living, and pre-academic goals

  • Training and supervision of Behaviour Interventionists (BIs)

  • Monitoring of program implementation and progress with modification of goals as necessary


School Aged Children

(Age 6-18)

  • Assessment of current skills and abilities
  • Collaborative programming with other community supports (e.g., school, extra-curricular activities)

  • Targeted programming for skill building or addressing interfering behaviours


Behaviour Support

(all ages)

  • Completing a functional assessment to determine the underlying reasons for the behaviour(s) of concern
  • Development of a comprehensive positive behaviour support plan to help prevent and address behaviour(s) of concern, while simultaneously focusing on teaching appropriate alternative skills
  • Positive behaviour support plans can address concerns in a variety of areas including:
    • Sleeping difficulties
    • Feeding challenges (not eating enough variety, eating too little, eating too quickly/slowly)
    • Physical behaviours directed towards others
    • Self-injurious behaviour
    • Toilet training
    • Participation in important routines such as dentist/doctor visits, haircuts, bathing, or eating in a restaurant